Research Projects

Here you can find all our ongoing and concluded research projects. Some project descriptions are available in German language only.

Ongoing Projects

Interacting with Adaptive Services and Recommender Systems
Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl 

Location-Based Information Retrieval in P2P Networks of Agents (LocBIR)
Florian StraubDr. Georg Groh

Mobile User Modeling for Behaviour Prediction (UMoBeP)
Halgurt Bapierre, Dr. Georg Groh

Mobile Social Networking (MoSoNet)
Dr. Georg Groh

Scalable Semantic Version Control for Linked Data Management
Claudius Hauptmann

WebCDN - A Content Distribution Network from web browsers using WebRTC
Patrick Michelberger

Concluded Projects

Mobile User Modeling
Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter, Florian SchulzeDr. Wolfgang Wörndl 

Context-aware Recommender Systems in Mobile Scenarios
Prof. Dr. Johann SchlichterFlorian Schulze, Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Mobile Interaction Design for Adaptive Services
Béatrice LamcheProf. Dr. Johann SchlichterFlorian Schulze, Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Conflict Management for Synchronization of ERP data with Mobile Clients [ MoConMa - Mobile Conflict Management ] (with mobileX AG, funded by ZIM-Program , Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology)
Michele BroccoClaudius HauptmannBéatrice Lamche, Prof. Dr. Johann SchlichterDr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Open Innovation im Unternehmen [ Open-I ]
René Frieß, Dr. Georg Groh, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

GeoXACML based Access Control Systems for Geo Web Services
Jan Herrmann

Kompetenzentwicklung und Prozessunterstützung in 'Open Innovation'- Netzwerken der IT-Branche durch Wissensmodellierung und Analyse [ KoPIWA ]
Michele Brocco, Dr. Georg Groh, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

Network on Wheels [ NOW ]
Robert Eigner, Dr. Georg Groh, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter, Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Community Bricks [ Cobricks ]
Modular Community and Collaboration Support Platforms
Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Karlheinz Toni

Community Online Services and Mobile Solutions [ COSMOS ]
Dr. Georg Groh, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch

Generierung und interaktive Anpassung von individualisierter Produktinformation [ SFB582-P3 ]
Ziel dieses Projektes ist es Kunden und Vertriebsmitarbeiter einen gefilterten, dem Kontext angepassten Zugriff (personalisierte Auswahl und adaptierte Darstellung) auf Information zu Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten individualisierter Produkte zu bieten.
Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Dr. Martin Lacher, Dr. Thomas Leckner, Dr. Rosmary Stegmann

Information Management for Communities [ IMC ]
Unterprojekte: Informationsdrehscheibe (Informatik), CoItem, CoMovie, Caiman, PACE
Dr. Michael Galla, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Dr. Martin Lacher, Dr. Wolfgang Wörndl

Interoperable Nutzung von verteilten Geodaten [ GeoPortal ]
Dr. Andreas Matheus

Lecture 2000
Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege

Targeted Reuse and Generation of Teaching Materials [ TARGETEAM ]
Peter Breitling, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege, Dr. Weilun Zhuang

Telekooperation in Beziehungsnetzwerken für informationsbezogene Dienstleistungen [ TiBiD ]
Dr. Michael Galla, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

Uni-TV: Distributed Video Production and Video-on-demand Services
Bernhard Kurz

Activity Support in Organizations [ TACTS ]
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege

Chablis - Integration of Digital Payment Systems for Digital Library Services [ Chablis ]
Thomas Schöpf, Dr. Martin Stumpf

Collaborative Editing Environment [ Iris ]
Prof. Dr. Michael Koch

Cooperative Video Postproduction Environment [ CoVid ]
Dr. Tristan Daude

Document Design
Prof. Dr. Anne Brüggemann-Klein, Dr. Stefan Hermann

Electronic Libraries [ MeDoc ]
Prof. Dr. Anne Brüggemann-Klein, Cornelia Haber

Information Technology Online [ ITO ]
Peter Breitling, Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter

Lehrverbund Augsurg, München, Passau [ LAMP ]
Peter Breitling, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege

Object Migration
Dr. Michael Wagner

Problem-based Learning in Computer Science
Dr. Jürgen Koch, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Teege

Support for communication in collaborative environments
Dr. Martin Bürger, Daniel Köhler

Telecooperation at the Informatics Department
Prof. Dr. Michael Koch