Name der Veranstaltung: Guided Research in Travel Recommendation (WS 15/16)

Recommender systems recommend movies, restaurants or other items to an active user based on information about users and items. One of our focal areas is travel recommendation to solve tourist trip design problems and combine several items to a larger trip. The goal is to investigate this topic from a user’s perspective and evaluate whether the developed solutions leads to improved user experience and satisfaction.

We offer two topics for Guided Research modules (IN2169) for Master Informatik students in the upcoming winter semester 2015/16:

1.City Trip Planner: In this project, we have developed a solution to combine discovered places-of-interests for a city trip. The aim is to further improve this application, especially with regard to the number of places shown per category, e.g. restaurants. In addition, we could integrate more data sources and provide better options to personalize the trip.

2.Travel Region Recommender: The goal of this project is to improve a platform where users can specify their travel requirements and preferences (time of year, duration of trip, budget, favored activites etc.) and get a list of recommended options, i.e. travel regions that suits their query best. One of main requirements is that the solution should be capable to combine two or more partial trips to a longer itinerary in a reasonable way, e.g. only combining nearby regions.

The course of action for these Guided Research modules is as follows:

  • Make yourself familiar with the topic, the existing applications and study related work
  • Design and implement a concept to improve the existing solution
  • Evaluate the solution in a user study
  • Document the results in a paper for a relevant conference or workshop

The topics can be refined for 1 or 2 students. Prerequisites are high motivation, good programming skills and ideally experience with Web applications.

Please send your application (brief CV, transcript of records and short motivation statement) to Wolfgang Wörndl: