Name der Veranstaltung: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Web Platform for City Trip Planning
Kurzbeschreibung: (BT/MT)

Existing Internet services include systems to help tourists plan excursion including city trips (e.g. [1)]. These systems are mostly based on rather simple algorithms to find out which points-of-interests (POIs) a user might be interested in and combine them to a trip. A more sophisticated recommendation of a city trip is not a trivial task and an instance of the more general Tourist Trip Design Problem (TTDP) [2].

The overall aim in this project is investigate algorithm to built a customized itinerary for visiting a city. One of the issues is to not only consider objective measures such as the time or length of a trip but also subjective criteria like how much actual users like proposed trips. To allow for user studies, the specific goal in this thesis project is to design and implement a Web platform that can then be used to test different algorithms, user inputs and strategies.  Requirements for the platform are to elicit user preferences, integrate different data sources for POIs, calculate a route through a city and visualize the result using map-based systems such as Google Maps or Open Street Maps. Investigating the actual route or POI recommender algorithm is not part of this of this thesis. Thus, this component can be very simple, just showing any route and more or less arbitrary POIs to the user. At the end, the Web platform should be evaluated in a (possibly small scale) user study.

The topic can be adapted and refined for a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis in the master program for Informatik/Informatics or Wirtschaftsinformatik/Information Systems. Prerequisites are high motivation and very good programming skills, especially in a Web environment. The used technologies (programming language, development environment etc.) is not predetermined and can be chosen by the candidate. Knowledge or experience in conducting user studies is a plus but not required. Please send your application (brief CV, transcript of records and short motivation statement) to Wolfgang Wörndl (


[2] Damianos Gavalas, Charalampos Konstantopoulos, Konstantinos Mastakas and Grammati Pantziou:  A Survey on Algorithmic Approaches for Solving Tourist Trip Design Problems. Journal of Heuristics, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 291-328, Jun. 2014

Die Studienarbeit kann natürlich auch in deutscher Sprache durchgeführt und geschrieben werden!